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Patio Doors

Aren't patio doors easy to break into?

A determined burglar will get into your home no matter what. But statistics show that if it takes longer than 60 seconds to break in , a burglar is more likely to move on. Great Lakes patio doors feature a unique three-point locking mechanism which gives you several times more resistance to forced entry than patio doors with a single lock. With one turn, a heavy, tempered-steel rod locks the door securely at the head and sill, while a laminated-stell 'up-swing' L-shaped hook secures the door at the jamb.

Sliding door exterior lock securityWhat's the advantage to having an exterior keylock on my patio door?

Extra security and convenience. It allows you to lock and unlock your patio door from the outside, so you can use it as a primary entrance. With Great Lakes patio doors, the kelock - in beautiful polish brass - activates the unique, three-point locking mechanism for improved security.

Exterior keylocks are not a typical option with other vinyl replacement products. However, the brass keylock system is available with all Great Lakes patio doors sizes and styles.

It seems like the first thing to go wrong with a patio door is it's screen. Is yours any better?

We've engineered our screens not to break, bow, or warp, and we guarantee it for the life of your patio door system. Most screens are 3/8" thick. Our is more than twice as thick for added strength, and it's manufactured to eliminate weak spots that tend to loosen over time.

How do I decide between a sliding or hinged patio door?

A hinged patio door requires a larger room. A three-foot-wide hinged door requires about six square feet of open floor space to swing open. So if you have an averaged-size home where space is important, a secure sliding patio door may be the answer.

Can I get high security in a hinged patio door?

Our hinged patio door features a multi-point locking system that secures the door at multiple points. The hinged patio door offers high security, energy efficiency, and is available in a variety of colors, woodgrains and glass designs.

Aren't patio doors, whether sliding or hinged, a major source of energy loss because of the increased glass surface?

Yes, often times they are. However, Great Lakes patio doors are available with many of the same superior insulated glass ssytem as our windows. The also feature heavy-duty weatherstripping, compression seals, and energy-efficent thresholds.

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