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Window Features

Do I have to replace my windows with the same style windows, or can I choose a different style?

You can replace windows with any style, shape and color that suits you. Change from double-hung windows to casements, station windows, or a combination. Give rooms a new look by replaceing a roup of windows with a bay or bow window. Add a garden window in the Kitchen. A new window style can make you feel like you moved into a new home - use your imagination!

I like the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl, but I really like the look of a wood interior. Can I get a woodgrain look on vinyl windows?

Woodgrain finishes are available with some vinyl windows. Great Lakes Windows offers four interior woodgrain choices - Natural Oak, Golden Oak, Colonial Cherry and Colonial White - so there's a woodgrain color to complement any architectural motif.

Woodgrain finishes

You'll find however, that many manufacturers don't offer woodgrains. The needed equipment is quite expensive. The process involves a tremendous amount of technical precision and complex calculations to custom bond the woodgrain material to each individual vinyl extrusion. We've enhanced this process using new finishing equipment with .002" precision. The results in sharper, cleaner woodgrain corners and a better, more beautiful window.

Are interior woodgrain finishes durable and long lasting?

Yes. Today's better woodgrain finishes are designed for a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty. They've proven themselves over time to resist fading, chipping, peeling, and blistering. So your woodgrain finish should be covered in warranty. We use only the highest quality woodgrain laminate (7 mils thick), and we back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Double-Hung Windows

Feature Benefits  
Fusion-welded construction Adds strength; maintenance free Standard
Patented R-Core® -filled frame Warmer, more energy efficient Standard
Heavy-duty weatherstripping Eliminates drafts, custs heat loss Standard
7/8" insulated glass with Inercept™ warm-edge technology Maximum insulation; quieter, more energy efficient Standard on most products
Silcone autoglazed sash Sturdier one-piece unit; seals out air and moisture Standard
Heavy-duty extruded screen Made to last a lifetime Standard
Extruded life handles in top and bottom of sash Easy to open/close window, durable Standard
Two cam locks on windows 25" and wider Enhances security; weather-tight seal at meeting rail Standard
Ventilation-limit locks Adds safety and comfort Standard
New Generation™ uiPVC Strength, durability and lowest maintenance Standard
Tilt-in sashes top and bottom Easier and safer cleaning Standard
Custom-made Perfect fit Standard
Hi R+Plus insulated High R factor for maximum energy efficiency Optional
Glass/grid options Distinctively different Optional
Exterior colors - White, Camel, Earthtone Improves home's curb appeal Standard
Interior choices - colors: White, Camel, Earthone; woodgrains: Natural Oak, Golden Oak, Colonial Cherry, Colonial White Add warmth, beauty; match any decor Optional
Limited Lifetime-Plus Warranty Protects your investment Standard
Easy-Clean™ Glass Windows you'll clean half as often and in half the time Optional

What features should be considered standard when I buy replacement windows?

It depends on the manufacturer. Be sure you understand what is considered standard with a type of window you want, and which features are optiona and may add to the cost. The manufacturer should make it easy for you. As an example, the following chart lists many of the features Great Lakes double-hung windows provide.

What about decorative glass? Is it worth the cost, and what kind of choices are available?

Great Lakes Windows Styles

The syle of glass you choose will play an important role in the appearance - and the curb appeal - of your home. Look for a window manufacturer that offers you a comfortable range of choices. The more styles you have to choose from , the better you can protect or enhance the value of your home, whatever its architectural style.

Styles and selection will vary with each manufacturer. Great Lakes Window offers a variety of decorative grid choices that add simple elegance or old-world beauty. Option include: Matching Colonial, Perimeter, and Diamond: Narrow brass; Regal Colonial, prairie, perimeter, and Florentine V-grooved glass, and Beveled leaded glass in twelve elegant patterns. We also offer Georgian and Williamsburg grids that match interior woodgrains and exterior solid colors.*

*Ask your local Great Lakes Window dealer about the optimal decorative grid and insulating glass package for your home.

Are some windows easier and safer to clean than others?

Absolutely. We recommend windows that can be cleaned easily from the inside of the house, so you can avoid the danger of ladders. Look for double-hung windows with tilt-in top and bottom sashes (this feature is not available with many woodgrain windows). With sliding windows, you should be able to clean both sashes easily, rather than just one sash. Casement windows should be open fully to allow easy, safer, inside-the-house cleaning.

I've heard about a new higher-quality window glass that cleans easily and stays cleaner longer than ordinary glass.

It's true. It's a higher quality of window glass that provides windows you'll clean half as often and in half the time. When windows do require cleaning, a garden hose and a squeegee or a soft cloth are all that's required. Easy-Clean Glass is a product of Great Lakes Window that utilizes PPG technology.

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